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What You Need To Know After A Serious Car Accident In Connecticut

Most of us have never been involved in a serious car accident or lawsuit. So it’s understandable that the process is a mystery. Unfortunately, insurance representatives know that most people do not understand how much their injury is really worth. These representatives take advantage of your being unaware.

I started my firm because I saw that many people were not getting the personal attention, care and guidance they really needed and deserved. If you or a loved one has been injured in Connecticut, you need and deserve to understand your rights to maximum compensation. Get the information you need to better understand your rights to compensation. Call for a free consultation: 203-658-6251.

Types Of Accident Victims I Represent

As an attorney who works in personal injury, I am familiar with many types of injuries and accidents. If your specific injury or accident is not listed here, please call to find out how I can help. Do not attempt to negotiate with the insurance adjuster without the benefit of seasoned legal counsel.

I can help with:

  • All types of motor vehicle accidents, including car, truck, motorcycle, bus, pedestrian and bicycle
  • Many types of premises liability cases, including unsafe properties, slip-and-fall accidents, trip-and-fall accidents, falling object accidents near construction sites
  • All types of animal attacks and dog bites
  • Injuries due to inadequate security on commercial business premises
  • Products liability, including unsafe vehicles, household products, food, drugs, appliances, electronics, children’s toys and baby products
  • Wrongful death cases when a family member loses their life because of a safety issue or negligence

Connecticut personal injury cases can be complex. They can often involve single or multiple parties. If you’re up against a team of savvy insurance company lawyers or a large corporation, it can feel like an uphill fight. Without your own legal counsel, it is an unfair battle because their legal departments are aggressive and intimidating with a seemingly endless stream of resources.

Ready To Take On Complex Cases

More complex cases can take a while to resolve. You need someone who is up for the fight and who knows what they are doing and why. As an attorney who is “hungry,”  I offer several advantages over a large firm:

  • You will work with me, not be handed off to a paralegal or brand new attorney.
  • I stay in constant communication with you so you always know where we are in the process and what comes next.
  • I am experienced enough to understand how the law, the courts and the process works.
  • I am young enough to be extraordinarily tech-savvy. I also am up-to-date on electronic storage and retrieval. I can readily access the information we need to build a strong case with the most current data. Being hungry means that I have the drive and the energy to work long days and longer weeks and to personally see your case to resolution.

I am all about finding the most efficient resolution, but it also has to be in your best interests. I will advise you and pull back if I ever believe we are being offered a raw deal.

I know the value of thorough documentation and showing causation. In my experience, good documentation and detailed medical records are both extremely helpful. This type of preparedness and understanding is conducive to presenting the strongest case and obtaining the best outcome.

Get A Free Injury Case Consultation

Find out more about your rights under Connecticut law and the potential value of your claim. Call 203-658-6251 or schedule your own in-person, Zoom or phone appointment by using the online appointment tool links on this website’s contact page. Located in Westport, I serve clients throughout the area.