My Firm Treats Clients As An Equal Partner In Their Cases.

Why I Started My Own Connecticut Firm

My name is Justin Pugh.

I’ve spent years in the legal industry, in jobs all across the spectrum. I’ve worked in state courts and for prominent federal judges. I’ve worked for public defenders and for the U.S. Attorney’s office. I’ve worked for big firms and small firms and everywhere in between. For more details about me, my experience and education, click on the link:

Through all of my experience, one thing became very clear to me: lawyers, by and large, do a terrible job communicating with and prioritizing the people they serve.

I Work To Change The Problem

I’ve been a part of that problem. I started my own firm to be a part of the solution. That’s what you’ll find here. It is my mission to ensure that I and any staff here have a common goal: to serve our clients and to use our array of skills to make people’s lives better.

If you decide to be my client, it’ll be my mission to make sure that you’re at the center of your own unique, tailored legal strategy. I will work to make certain that you have all the information you need, conveyed in the simplest and most accessible way. I will endeavor to keep you always in the loop so that you always know what’s happening with your case.

My Promise To You

Outcomes in the legal system can vary, and there’s normally no way to predict a result with any real certainty. But I can promise you this: here you’ll be treated fairly and with dignity, as an equal. You’ll be informed. Your rights and wishes will be respected. And when the time comes, we’ll fight for your rights like they’re our own. Whether I am resolving a criminal issue, helping you start or protect your business, or helping you prepare for the future, know that when you engage my services, you become the priority.

Get In Touch With Me

Have an issue that might need some legal guidance but you’re unsure of the cost, timeline or process? Give me a call and let’s talk about what you need and how I can help; I offer a free consultation so that you can get answers. Call 203-658-6251 and I will get back to you. Or you can schedule an in-person, phone or Zoom appointment with me using the online appointment tools listed on this website’s contact page. Located in Westport, I serve clients throughout the area and handle criminal defense matters throughout the state. I also handle federal cases in venues in Connecticut.